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E-commerce Consultancy Toward Success

Our professional team is focused on increasing your brand's visibility and influence in an ever-changing industry: e-commerce. Through e-commerce consultancy, we foster an environment where your brand thrives and sets new standards for success.

Innovative Development Solutions for Digital Transformation

Reaching success through the complexity of the digital realm necessitates further than presence: an awareness of constant change. With this awareness, we deliver development solutions that combine cutting-edge technologies and innovative thinking.

Grow Your Business with Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

Byte stands as your trusted partner for dependable, rapid, and adaptable digital marketing solutions. In the face of challenges, we are committed to providing quick answers that keep your marketing strategies going forward.



Clients Say

About Us.

By establishing a strategic partnership with Byte, we successfully migrated Cengiz Aktürk's e-commerce infrastructure to the Shopify platform in 2022. Our e-commerce website was designed to meet the needs of both our retail stores and online customers. Throughout every stage of the project, the Byte team has been actively supportive, particularly in maintenance and technical support. We have consistently received reliable consultancy and support regarding Shopify's solutions. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, our company has gained significant added value, and the professional approach of the Byte team has exceeded our expectations. We express deep gratitude for this successful partnership and hope to continue achieving the same success in our future projects.

Serhildan Aktürk


In collaboration with Byte, we successfully launched Godiva Europe's e-commerce website on Shopify Plus in 2023. We also included our UK, UAE and Türkiye websites in the platform renewal process. Byte team continues to support us with maintenance and technical support. Additionally, Byte has become an address we can consult on all matters related to Shopify. We thank them for this valuable cooperation.

Mina Yılmaz

Godiva E-commerce Lead

I would like to say that I am excited about the launch of your new website. During our collaboration with Byte, we were very pleased with the outstanding efforts and professionalism you showed in the fields of digital marketing and web development. Working with the Byte team was an important step in strengthening Kalif Design's digital presence. Your innovative approaches and seamless communication in our projects gave us confidence at every stage of our cooperation. This path we walked with you has significantly increased the success of our brand in the digital world. Byte's combination of creativity, passion and technical skill has been one of the most valuable aspects of our collaboration. I thank you for the dedication and quality you show as a team, and I look forward to working together on future projects.

Mehmet Hacıosmanoğlu


We felt Byte's professional and sincere approach in all our work from the beginning of our cooperation. They offered appropriate solutions to our business needs in a boutique and niche area with their expert and experienced teams. The fact that communication channels were always open and accessible enabled the work to progress quickly and efficiently. We were happy to quickly see the positive effects in SEO and digital marketing efforts. Working with Byte is a very positive experience for us and we are sure that we will be pleased to collaborate with them on new projects in the future.

Burcu Okut Şahbudak


As a digital agency proficient in development and digital marketing services, we provide a comprehensive range of services at Byte. In our development services and digital marketing services, we combine creativity, cutting-edge technology, and critical thinking; to turn your brilliant ideas into solid solutions!

Development Services

The range of development services offered by our expert team of developers varies depending on your unique needs. Our priority in employing our development services is to have a deep understanding of your needs and wishes and create our solutions accordingly. Whether you need e-commerce website development services or Shopify development solutions, Byte is your trusted partner in development services!

Shopify Development Solutions

Our Shopify development services’ main focus points range from developing engaging e-commerce experiences to optimizing e-commerce websites and guaranteeing safe transactions. Our team of Shopify development experts works per your needs and desires to provide you with the perfect Shopify development solution that aligns completely with your business objectives!

E-commerce development services provided by Byte focus on building scalable, high-performance platforms that improve e-commerce experiences and increase customer satisfaction while driving more sales.

In our web development solutions, we use our extensive expertise which extends from creating professional corporate websites to custom website designs that unites creative thinking and functionality. Our custom development solutions at Byte provide tailored solutions for your business needs that go beyond standard development solutions, creating custom digital solutions that align with your business goals and visions. Our customer-oriented approach extends beyond web development, Shopify development, and e-commerce development solutions to mobile application development solutions. Our mobile app development solutions aim to guarantee your brand's long-lasting and sustainable visibility through an engaging iOS or Android mobile application that prioritizes user experience and functionality without compromising aesthetics.

Digital Marketing Services

As Byte, we strategically blend creativity and data-oriented approaches to employ our digital marketing solutions. In the digital advertising management solutions we provide for our customers, we prioritize positioning your brand strategically across digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and/or TikTok; creating engaging, visually appealing, and optimized advertising campaigns. We understand the significance of enhancing your brand’s digital presence through digital advertising; therefore, we aim to be your guiding partner on your digital marketing journey! Our expertise in SEO practices focuses on comprehensive and strategic keyword research, on-page optimizations, technical SEO practices, and strategic improvements that enhance your website’s authority and search engine rankings. To drive organic traffic to your website, we strategically create SEO-compatible, original, and engaging content. Our content creation services not only focus on SEO-compatible content but also on original and intriguing content that attracts the attention of your target customer base. Through an original and SEO-compatible content creation process carried out by our expert creative team, we aim to amplify your brand’s visibility on Google.

E-commerce Consultancy

Through the complex journey of e-commerce, Byte wishes to help position your business to a higher place in e-commerce. We guide you through strategic paths leading you to e-commerce success. Our e-commerce strategy consultancy is customized to your brand's particular requirements to offer perspective into the principles of the industry. In our e-commerce consultancy services, we adopt a data-driven approach that will enable us to make educated and solid decisions. In every aspect of your business’s e-commerce journey, we are dedicated to creating experiences that will return to you as growth and revenue. In our revenue management strategies, we try to optimize expenses while maximising income which ensures sustainable growth in the future for you. As your partner in e-commerce growth, Byte will be the driving force of your business’s excellence and growth!

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