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At Byte, we believe in helping you make an impact with your online presence by assuring maximum visibility and engagement. By strategically placing your brand across digital channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, we aim to maximize your visibility and success.

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Success-Oriented Digital Advertising Management

Our approach to advertising management is primarily based on success rather than expenditure. By shaping our strategies to achieve successful results, we guarantee that all the effort given to advertising management is a contribution to your brand’s overall success and growth.

Digital Advertising Success Across Digital Platforms

By implementing detailed digital advertising strategies into various digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others; we work to carry your brand ahead in your industry. On this path, we create a loyal customer base for you and write the future success story of your business.

Revolutionary Transformation with Digital Advertising

We carefully create detailed narratives and advertising strategies that speak to your target audience. We aim to not only increase your brand awareness but also create a consistent brand image. Come along with Byte on this digital advertising journey and watch the revolutionary transformation of your brand!


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Guiding Brands Forward with Digital Advertising Management

We combine creative approaches with data-driven insights to manage digital advertising processes while effectively conveying your brand’s narrative across various digital channels. Come along on this journey where digital advertising management gears your business toward innovative success and turns your dreams into memorable experiences!



Clients Say

About Us

By establishing a strategic partnership with Byte, we successfully migrated Cengiz Aktürk's e-commerce infrastructure to the Shopify platform in 2022. Our e-commerce website was designed to meet the needs of both our retail stores and online customers. Throughout every stage of the project, the Byte team has been actively supportive, particularly in maintenance and technical support. We have consistently received reliable consultancy and support regarding Shopify's solutions. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, our company has gained significant added value, and the professional approach of the Byte team has exceeded our expectations. We express deep gratitude for this successful partnership and hope to continue achieving the same success in our future projects.

Cengiz Akturk


In collaboration with Byte, we successfully launched Godiva Europe's e-commerce website on Shopify Plus in 2023. We also included our UK, UAE and Türkiye websites in the platform renewal process. Byte team continues to support us with maintenance and technical support. Additionally, Byte has become an address we can consult on all matters related to Shopify. We thank them for this valuable cooperation.

Mina Yılmaz

Godiva E-commerce Lead

I would like to say that I am excited about the launch of your new website. During our collaboration with Byte, we were very pleased with the outstanding efforts and professionalism you showed in the fields of digital marketing and web development. Working with the Byte team was an important step in strengthening Kalif Design's digital presence. Your innovative approaches and seamless communication in our projects gave us confidence at every stage of our cooperation. This path we walked with you has significantly increased the success of our brand in the digital world. Byte's combination of creativity, passion and technical skill has been one of the most valuable aspects of our collaboration. I thank you for the dedication and quality you show as a team, and I look forward to working together on future projects.

Mehmet Hacıosmanoğlu


We felt Byte's professional and sincere approach in all our work from the beginning of our cooperation. They offered appropriate solutions to our business needs in a boutique and niche area with their expert and experienced teams. The fact that communication channels were always open and accessible enabled the work to progress quickly and efficiently. We were happy to quickly see the positive effects in SEO and digital marketing efforts. Working with Byte is a very positive experience for us and we are sure that we will be pleased to collaborate with them on new projects in the future.

Burcu Okut Şahbudak


The Future of Digital Advertising

The most basic factors that determine the future of digital advertisements; are the platforms people use and the content they consume on these platforms. Therefore, when looking at the future of digital advertising, the first question we should ask is “What kind of content will be consumed more in the future?”.

We can see that written content was consumed more between 2005-2010, visual content between 2010-2016, and video content after 2016. While we think that video content will continue to hold the lead for a while, it should be said that a new type of content is rapidly on the market. Audio content genres (podcasts, clubhouse, etc.) are fast becoming the next trend after video content. Especially nowadays voice calls are getting popular, and the direction of digital marketing may turn towards this direction in the future.

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Advertising?

The issue of budget determination in digital advertising expenditures is an issue that requires serious expertise. This is an area in which different opinions are expressed as well as expertise. Two main opinions among experts are as follows:

- To accelerate the learning of ads, we have to spend a lot, although initially inefficient, and continue until we find the balance,

- or, we should start with small budgets and increase the budget as we get returns from advertisements.

As Byte, we believe that it is a more accurate method to start with small budgets and increase the budget following the return, and we are moving in this direction in our digital advertising processes. However, the other method is not the wrong method, so you can make the choice here according to your budget or leave this decision to your digital advertising agency.

Digital Advertising Types

With the proliferation of digital platforms and the increase in the number of platforms, the types of advertisements that can be used have also increased. Despite the increase in digital advertising types, 5 channels receive most of the advertising budgets of brands. These channels are as follows; search, shopping, display, social media, and influencers.

Search Ads

Search ads are types of ads that allow your brand to appear in front of users as a result of searches made by users in search engines. According to the research conducted in 2021 on the market share in search engine ads, Google is the leader with 94%. It is an advertising model in which the conversion rate can be quite high when the ads suitable for these users are shown in the searches made by the users in line with their needs, but also the CPC (Cost Per Click) values are high.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are one of the most used ad types for e-commerce worldwide, aiming to sell products by Google. However, due to the dispute between the courts in our country and Google in 2020, shopping ads were temporarily disabled in Turkey. Shopping ads that cannot be used in the Turkish market can be used while targeting other countries.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising stands for all promotional activities on social media platforms. The most used platform in social media advertising is Instagram, owned by the Facebook company. The most important reason for this is the number of active users exceeding 2 billion in 2023 and the user experience that leads to purchases. However, different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest can also benefit your brand. When deciding on which social media platform to advertise, you should consider these 3 issues: your target audience, your budget, and your advertising strategy.

Display Ads

It is the name given to visual advertisements displayed on all websites within global advertising networks. The platform with the largest advertising network is Google. These ad spaces are managed by both Google and ad platforms such as Criteo, which leases these spaces from Google. Display advertisements can be used especially during campaign periods and for advertisements prepared on branding (brand awareness).

Influencer Ads

It is the name given to all the work done by people with a high number of followers on social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to promote the products or services of brands. With the increase in the power of social media and people with high influence in different fields, the performance of influencer ads has also increased. Especially for sectors such as personal care products, textile products, the food and beverage industry, and tourism services, influencer advertisements have taken their place as an indispensable part of marketing strategies.

Bidding Models

Advertising impressions on digital channels are determined by different bidding models. These bidding models may vary depending on the platform, the purpose of the ad, and the advertiser's wishes. The most commonly used bidding models are CPC, CPA, CPM, and CPL.

What is CPC (Cost per Click)?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. CPC is a bidding model where the advertiser is billed per click on their ad. To explain with an example: The total cost of the ad, with a CPC cost of 0.4 TL and 300 clicks, to the advertiser is 300 * 0.4 = 120 TL.

What is CPA (Cost per Action)?

CPA refers to the cost per action determined by the advertiser. If the main purpose of an advertisement is to sell a product, it is a cost per sale, and if it is an add-to-cart, the cost per add-to-cart is called CPA. When advertising on Google, you can set a target cost per target action so you can keep your cost under control.

What is CPM (Cost per Mile)?

It is the name given to the advertising model that is paid per impression. It is the most used advertising model found in almost all advertising platforms, especially Facebook. To give an example; If you made a bid of $7 per 1,000 impressions and received 8,000 impressions, the amount you would pay would be $56.

What is CPL (Cost per Lead)?

It is the name given to the cost charged by the advertiser for each record obtained. The CPL advertising offer model, which is especially preferred in the service industry, is a model that takes you directly to the target and is relatively affordable.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is the area that covers all the advertisements focused on mobile apps and mobile devices. With the increase in the share of mobile devices in content consumption, mobile advertising has gradually increased its share in the advertising realm. To give an example of mobile advertising areas; you can think of the ads that appear in free Spotify and the ads that appear in games.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is the platform that has the largest advertising share among social media platforms and there are two ways to advertise on Instagram. One of them, and the amateur one, is the way of advertising based on posting directly on Instagram. To do this, your Instagram account must be converted to a Business Account. In business accounts, you can see the boost button at the bottom right of your posts.

For the professional management of Instagram ads, it is necessary to use Facebook Business Manager. From here, you should connect all relevant accounts (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp) to the business account and follow all the conversions by installing Facebook Pixel on your website, if any.

There are different advertising solutions for different needs in Instagram ads, which are especially effective in products and services where impulse buying decisions are made:

Types of Instagram ads:

Visual Ads: These are the types of ads that appear as a single image. It stands out as the most used ad type on Instagram.

Sponsored Ads: This is the type of ad you can use by highlighting a post shared on the Instagram page.

Carousel - Scrolling Ads: This is the type of ad where you can share up to 10 different images with scrolling.

Video Ads: It is a type of video ad that you can share up to a maximum of 30-60 seconds.

IGTV Ads: These are the types of ads that appear between IGTV and Reels videos and are used to promote the brand.

Story Ads: These are the types of ads shown among the stories that users follow.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram ads do not have a specific cost. In Instagram ads, the target audience and cost are determined by the advertiser. In line with these criteria, advertisements continue to be run by Facebook until the budget is exhausted. The main factors that determine the cost of Instagram ads are as follows:

Target group

Quality of advertising materials

Harmony between product/service and target audience

When the ad will be shown and the competitive situation at that time

What is the Best/Most Successful Ad Type for Instagram?

The most successful ad type on Instagram varies by targeted conversion and industry. However, we can make some inferences although not very solid. The most working area in B2B brands is Post, and the most working type of advertising is Lead (Form) ads. The most working area in B2C brands is Story, the most working type of advertising is Conversion ads.

How to Optimize Instagram Ads?

There is no limit to optimizing ads on Instagram. For this reason, the more experience you have in the field, the better you can optimize, that is, you can earn higher revenues with less cost. The most basic ad optimization subjects are usually visual resizing, target group, accurate visual identification, and alternative advertising texts.

How to Advertise on Google

While Google ads are gaining more and more importance every day, you need to learn how to use ads so that you can benefit from both higher quality and more valuable options. To advertise on Google, you must use Google AdWords or Google Ads. By carefully examining the details on the platform, you can perform higher quality and more successful work. With Google ads, you can reach your brand to large audiences.

Increase your sales by catching the privileges that Google ads will provide for you and take your brand awareness to the top!

How to Increase Performance in Google Ads?

There are 4 tips to improve performance in Google ads. These tips can be listed as follows:

Quality Scores: To improve performance, you must first examine the quality scores. Quality scores are created by examining the 3 components in detail.

Associate Ads with Keywords: Google ads must be related to the keywords you specify.

Increase Your Click-through Rate: The more clicks your website has, the higher its performance will be.

Update Your Landing Page: All your pages must be up to date.

Google Adwords Ad Types

Google AdWords ads are advertisements performed by website owners on Google. There are various types of Google AdWords ads. These types are generally as follows.

Search Ads: Search ads, which are the most basic types of ads, are ads that appear on the results page of the search engine.

Display Network Ads: The display network and the ads shown on that network are ads shown on YouTube, websites, mobile apps, and Gmail.

Remarketing Ads: These ads, with high personalized conversion rates, remind users of the products they have viewed on the e-commerce sites they visit.

App Ads: App ads are usually paid ads. It is created with text and visual elements entered from the Google Ads account.

The Most Successful Google Adwords Ad Type

Which of the Google Adwords ad types is the most suitable for you? To decide on this, it should be stated that it is very valuable to examine the types and features of advertisements.

The ads, which can be collected under two main titles, namely search ads and display ads, must be selected correctly. Otherwise, it will not be possible to benefit from the right solutions. In addition, you will not receive a positive response from the fees you will pay for Google ads. You can take action immediately by considering the most suitable options for you.

Search Ads vs. Shopping Ads

Search ads and shopping ads are different types of ads. Search ads come up after doing a Google search whereas shopping ads are listed per the websites that users have visited before. If you are wondering which type of advertising will be more suitable and successful, you should choose shopping ads. Pages that appear with search ads on Google search pages usually do not get clicks. For this reason, shopping ads are usually relatively preferable. You can act result-oriented by making an appropriate choice.

Should You Use Display Ads?

Display ads are ads that users encounter while browsing websites or watching videos on YouTube. These ads aim to reach users through different platforms. With display ads, it is possible to obtain and reach potential new customers by taking advantage of the digital audience. Display ads are extremely impressive and flawless ads. You can reach the people you target as soon as possible with the display ads offered for the advertiser to achieve the best outcome. The only thing you need to do is to plan the display ads most suitably for your objectives.

How to Place a Youtube Ad?

YouTube is one of the channels used by almost all internet users. You can perform YouTube actions for your brand in areas such as food, digital marketing, or health. To evaluate whether your brand is compatible with YouTube, we recommend that you do an analysis first.

Using YouTube correctly is important for your journey of being a successful brand. In particular, appealing to large audiences brings very valuable options to the fore on your behalf. You can take action immediately to benefit from the most ideal options and reach quality!

The question of how to advertise on YouTube is an important issue that attracts the attention of people who want to advertise on YouTube. To advertise on YouTube, you must follow the steps below:

Open YouTube Channel and Google Ads Account: YouTube channel and Google Ads account are essential for advertising on YouTube.

Upload Your Ad: You can start uploading your ad right after you create a profile for yourself.

Create a New Campaign: Create a new campaign via Google Ads and link on the YouTube ad page. Here you can prepare all your ad settings.

YouTube Ad Types

YouTube is one of the most used digital advertising tools today. YouTube ads, which attract attention with their different types, are generally as follows.

Display Ads: These types of advertisements on the right side of the video can be presented in a fixed and animated way.

Overlay Ads: Overlay ads are similar to sub-band ads on television.

Skipable Ads: These ads placed before YouTube videos are skippable.

Non-skippable Ads: Users must watch the ad completely so that they can see the video they want to watch with these ads, which must pass after 5 seconds.

What Is The Most Successful / Best Performing Ad Model For YouTube?

Which is the most successful ad for YouTube? Are you doing serious research on this subject, but you can't reach any results? Then you should take care to choose among YouTube ad models. Here are the details!

YouTube In-Stream Ads: These are advertisements that are shown while publishing content on YouTube. Although it usually takes seconds to skip the ad, the right ad attracts the consumer.

YouTube Discovery Ads: Ads that appear just above the search results. We can emphasize that these ads are similar to Google search results.

YouTube Advertising Costs

In addition to being a video-sharing platform, YouTube is considered a marketing area where advertisements are also published. For this reason, the cost of YouTube advertising is very high. However, many factors determine how much the fees will be paid for advertisements. So what are these factors?

Many details such as the number of views and number of subscribers are effective on Youtube advertising costs. You should always consider these factors while creating your YouTube ads; otherwise, the expenses you will encounter will increase because you cannot estimate the advertising costs correctly.

Conversion Types

Actions on the Website (Form Filling, Button Clicking, etc.)

Websites are used for their many actions today. These actions can have many different uses. For example, actions such as filling out the contact form to communicate with websites are known as different actions on the website. At this point, it becomes possible for individuals and website owners to gain various advantages through different actions on the website. You can use your website differently with actions such as filling out a form and/or clicking a button.

Online Sales (Add to Cart, Purchase)

Online sales is a type of shopping that has emerged with the development of technology and e-commerce in general. Having an online sales feature on websites is extremely important for e-commerce transactions. Features such as adding to cart and purchasing features are critical features for e-commerce in general. If these features are available on the websites, it becomes possible to carry out online sales transactions. You should remember that to be able to sell online from your website, you must have online sales features on your website.

Calling / Getting Address

It is a strategy that specifically targets potential customers who fall within your audience. Be very careful in this regard because it can be seen as a violation of personal space and can disturb people. At the beginning of a call, it should be clearly stated who you are, why you are calling, and what you want to convey, and the customer's approval should be obtained. This method remains a very effective strategy for certain products.

App Download Ads

Want your app to be downloaded by more people? Then you should take advantage of the most ideal options for application download ads. It is useful to keep the attractiveness in the foreground while designing the advertisement. Thus, it would be possible for consumers to have direct information about the application.

It is a very common situation that applications are viewed by users but not downloaded. The biggest reason for this is that users cannot make sense of the application. In this case, you should choose a more interesting ad and higher quality options. This will increase the number of downloads.

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