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We regard search engine optimization practices as the secret to maximizing your brand’s potential in the digital world. Stepping toward digital success, we shape essential SEO practices to narrate your brand’s unique story across search engines.

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SEO Strategies for Maximum Impact and Increased Traffic

We understand the importance of reaching an audience at the base of your target market as well as driving traffic to your website. Using this acknowledgment, we create a comprehensive SEO strategy that targets all aspects of your online presence as a brand.

Expertise in Strategic Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the whole of the most important details necessary to be successful in search engines. That is why the key to success for a brand is to take the right steps in SEO practices. When you receive quality SEO solutions, you can become one of the most well-known brands in your industry.

Guiding Your Brand Forward with SEO Practices

Our dedication to following the latest industry trends and understanding the intricacies of search engine optimization shapes our SEO strategies. Our SEO practices not only provide higher rankings on search engines but also create the base for the sustained growth of your business.


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Reaching Digital Success with SEO Management

From on-page optimization to creating SEO-compatible content, we make sure that all efforts result in attracting and retaining the targeted audience. Step into this transformative SEO journey with us, and explore the new boundaries of your brand’s success!



Clients Say

About Us

By establishing a strategic partnership with Byte, we successfully migrated Cengiz Aktürk's e-commerce infrastructure to the Shopify platform in 2022. Our e-commerce website was designed to meet the needs of both our retail stores and online customers. Throughout every stage of the project, the Byte team has been actively supportive, particularly in maintenance and technical support. We have consistently received reliable consultancy and support regarding Shopify's solutions. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, our company has gained significant added value, and the professional approach of the Byte team has exceeded our expectations. We express deep gratitude for this successful partnership and hope to continue achieving the same success in our future projects.

Cengiz Akturk


In collaboration with Byte, we successfully launched Godiva Europe's e-commerce website on Shopify Plus in 2023. We also included our UK, UAE and Türkiye websites in the platform renewal process. Byte team continues to support us with maintenance and technical support. Additionally, Byte has become an address we can consult on all matters related to Shopify. We thank them for this valuable cooperation.

Mina Yılmaz

Godiva E-commerce Lead

I would like to say that I am excited about the launch of your new website. During our collaboration with Byte, we were very pleased with the outstanding efforts and professionalism you showed in the fields of digital marketing and web development. Working with the Byte team was an important step in strengthening Kalif Design's digital presence. Your innovative approaches and seamless communication in our projects gave us confidence at every stage of our cooperation. This path we walked with you has significantly increased the success of our brand in the digital world. Byte's combination of creativity, passion and technical skill has been one of the most valuable aspects of our collaboration. I thank you for the dedication and quality you show as a team, and I look forward to working together on future projects.

Mehmet Hacıosmanoğlu


We felt Byte's professional and sincere approach in all our work from the beginning of our cooperation. They offered appropriate solutions to our business needs in a boutique and niche area with their expert and experienced teams. The fact that communication channels were always open and accessible enabled the work to progress quickly and efficiently. We were happy to quickly see the positive effects in SEO and digital marketing efforts. Working with Byte is a very positive experience for us and we are sure that we will be pleased to collaborate with them on new projects in the future.

Burcu Okut Şahbudak


Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that websites are visible on search engine results pages. SEO studies that improve the position of websites in search engines provide professional support in natural referencing. You should not forget that while increasing your visibility in search engines with SEO, you can increase the click-through rates of your websites in the best possible way. On-page or on-site optimization is a set of techniques aimed at improving the quality of the content of the web page. Thanks to search engine optimization, you can ensure that your website is highly visible.

What Should You Do to Rank High on Google?

To rank high on Google search results, you must first have an SEO-friendly website. The infrastructure and content of your website must strictly comply with SEO rules. Otherwise, you can't appear on any page in Google. In addition, you should not forget that you should also benefit from backlink services. You can create advertisements for your website by contacting companies that provide professional and quality backlink services. Finally, you can work with an SEO consultant and ensure that your website ranks first.

How Does the Google Algorithm Work?

Google is one of the most used search engines and if you want to rank higher on Google search results, you should get familiar with Google's algorithm. For instance, Google places a lot of emphasis on user experience as well as keywords. Therefore, focusing only on the keyword will not give you the right results. You also need to arrive at a perfect solution, taking into account the user experience.

Things to Consider in SEO Practices

There are many details that you need to pay attention to when doing SEO practices for your website. We have listed what these details are for you! You can get to the top of Google rankings by being meticulous about SEO. The most important rule in SEO work is original content. Because duplicate content will be detected as spam by Google bots. This will also drag you down. You can achieve quality by focusing on the most successful results related to SEO compliance. You should take action knowing that SEO rules are not just keyword usage.

How to Make Internal Linking?

To be successful with internal links, you first need plenty of content because it gives you more opportunities for healthy linking. Never neglect to use anchor tags in this process. In particular, avoid links that will disturb the user. When linking, do not link to the home page or contact us page. Redirect to more specific, deeper pages. Let the links stay naturally in the sentences, do not disturb the flow. Always use relevant, really functional links. Use a reasonable number of links, avoid more than 3-4 links for a blog. Avoid large anchor links made in the past. Such practices will harm you in terms of SEO. If you use simple, effective, neat links and do not disturb users while doing this, success is inevitable.

Critical Mistakes to Avoid in SEO Practices

SEO ensures that your website is included in the search engines if it is performed professionally. However, there are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid. The said errors are as follows:

Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is content that appears more than once on the internet.

Content Copying: Duplicate content is the biggest mistake you should stay away from.

Low-Quality Content: In SEO, the content must be of high quality. The poor quality of the content in question gives you a negative impact.

Inconsistent Content: Remember that the articles you publish must be strictly consistent.

Free SEO Tools You Can Use

Do you want to achieve the most successful results in SEO studies? Then you should not neglect to use SEO tools! You can choose the following SEO tools for solutions that will increase the performance of your website and take you to the top:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Trends

Yandex Metrics

Bing Webmaster Tools

Screaming Frog

Black Widow


Youtube Analytics

Importance of Software in SEO

To do SEO practices professionally, you should create a website that meets both internal and external SEO criteria. The infrastructure of your site should be suitable for SEO practices. This is where the importance of software in SEO comes into play. By paying attention to the internal SEO criteria, you can have SEO practices done in an extremely effective way. In this way, you can ensure that your website ranks first in Google search engines.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are among the most important factors for websites to increase the traffic they receive from Google. According to a statement made by Google in 2016, the backlink, which is known as an important factor in Google ranking after the content, must be taken in an accurate and quality way.

Backlinks can be expressed as external links offered to websites in free and/or paid ways. The backlink, which must be of high quality and permanent to be useful, appears with constantly updated content. At this point, remember that you can get backlinks from quality backlink sites.

How to Get Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the important elements to increase the visibility of websites on Google. When it comes to ranking organically, link building is critical to the success of any SEO campaign. Just having thousands of backlinks or only links from one website will not affect your ranking position. Backlinks in general;

-Guest bloggers creating content on your site

-Original research with insights

-Building relationships with influencers

-Quality blog posts for other sites in your industry are carried out by methods such as posting.

Organic Backlink Building

Organic backlinks are one of the most frequently asked questions by website owners. For this reason, it will be much more valuable to consider organic solutions to respond to your expectations about backlinks. For organic backlinks, your website must be full of effective and efficient content. This will result in many pages referencing your website. In addition, you can make your strong competitors look up to you; therefore, keep up with your content. Especially, being one of the most successful websites in the industry will herald many organic backlinks for you.

SEO Losses of Getting Paid Backlinks

Paid backlink work is preferred by many website owners. However, considering the problems caused by these actions, it does not make much sense to get paid backlinks. Why? Let's take a closer look at the reasons!

Websites that sell paid backlinks are generally known as backlink dumps. Because everyone buys backlinks, the backlinking of these pages can sometimes be perceived as spam. In order not to face this situation, you should take care to buy organic backlinks. In this way, you can achieve better quality results.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a figure usually denoted by DA. The higher this figure is, the higher the performance and reliability of the website. Corresponding to a value between 1 and 100, it is necessary to reach as high a value as possible regarding DA. The higher the DA value, which is very important for those who want to buy backlinks, the higher the backlink value. You should also research Domain Authority to get backlinks or increase the value of your website. As DA increases, you will also feel the effect.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Domain authority is one of the extremely important issues. There are some critical points in raising domain authority. The points in question are as follows:

Social Media Shares: Get your content shared and liked on various social channels such as Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Use Frequently Searched Words: You should prefer keywords from frequently searched ones.

Multilingual Site: Having a multilingual structure for your site increases the domain authority.

Use Sitemap: Another criterion for increasing domain authority is to use a sitemap.

Competitor Analysis in SEO

One of the most important issues in SEO practices is competitor analysis as it is possible to achieve more successful results by examining the performance of successful competitors. So, why is competitor analysis performed so often?

Competitor analysis includes examining the websites that rank high in Google search results. Therefore, you should benefit from the analysis to prevent any problems that may occur and to be more successful.

Moreover, if the analysis is successful, you can rank higher on the Google search results. Take action today for the most accurate solutions!

Why is Competitor Analysis Important in SEO Practices?

The importance of competitor analysis in both digital marketing activities and traditional marketing activities is crucial. To succeed in your marketing efforts, you need to see your competitors’ actions; therefore, it is necessary to examine competitor analysis in SEO studies and make evaluations as a result of these analyses.

With these analyses, it is possible to create SEO content and SEO studies professionally. By analyzing your competitors and keywords in the field you operate in, you can learn how you work in which field. Moreover, it is possible to learn how your competitors who have achieved success in this field have achieved success and what methods they follow.

Issues to Consider in Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is accepted as one of the options preferred by many people in SEO practices. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on quality options when analyzing competitors. So, what should be taken into account when performing competitor analysis?

First of all, you must use the correct analysis tool. In addition, it is also important to identify competitors correctly. It is possible to achieve a quality result by considering the purpose of the analysis. Making random choices while doing competitor analysis can cause serious problems for you!

How to Identify Competitors in SEO?

In SEO practices, determining the competitors beforehand is of utmost importance since starting to work without knowing the competitors you will compete with is no different from moving in the sea like a ship without a route. In order not to get lost throughout your SEO processes, you should meticulously perform competitor identification actions. When identifying competitors in SEO, you should always follow the lead of the products and services, examining those who rank first on Google related to your products and services. You should try to eliminate your competitors who are at the forefront by analyzing keywords according to products and services. In this way, you can achieve success in SEO practices.

Technical SEO Practices

Technical SEO refers to SEO practices that consider and examine a large number of technical criteria on websites. Technical SEO, which includes making the infrastructure suitable for the technical criteria of search engines, aims to make the site work following the guidelines set by search engines. It is possible to obtain an extremely useful experience with search results in this way. Technical SEO is extremely important to ensure that search results increase your ranking on the pages. Technical SEO is crucial for users to easily access the content on your website.

Routing Issues and Error Codes

Routing and error codes are recognised as one of the most common problems encountered on websites. That’s why we should take a look at the alternatives waiting for you to prevent possible problems!

The most well-known of the problems experienced in redirection is the 404 error. Problems arise in routing due to the deletion of existing content or change of link. This is the biggest cause of the 404 error. If you are facing such problems, you should get support for routing failures and error codes.

Problems with Crawling and Indexing

Crawling and indexing issues are among the issues that users seeking knowledge about technical SEO methods face. In terms of technical SEO strategies, critical solutions for crawling and indexing issues are provided. Given that personal acts are cancelled predictably, technical SEO tactics can be used to fix difficulties with Google.

Many issues, such as mobile crawling issues and mobile page content issues, can be attributed to indexing and crawling. Almost every problem in this setting, however, has a solution.

Robots.txt and Sitemap Issues

Robots.txt and Sitemap are very important for creating a sitemap relevant to the content of your website. For this reason, you should remember that it is crucial to be meticulous when using these elements. So, what are the most serious issues caused by robots.txt and sitemap?

Failure to crawl images is the most common problem. Due to update errors, Google bots usually cannot crawl your site. This causes various problems in Google searches. Taking action by considering all these details will reveal more meaningful results. Otherwise, your site will fail in terms of user experience.

The Importance of Website Speed for SEO

Website speed is recognized as one of the factors that determine success in SEO practices. Especially those who carry out SEO practices have the idea that they will achieve perfect results only with content. However, the reality alters when it comes to user experience. For SEO, we recommend that you consider all details, including website speed. In this way, the performance of your website would reach its peak. If the user experience is not taken into account, it is not possible to achieve quality results through SEO practices. Therefore, it is clear that website performance and website speed are interconnected.

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