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In our e-commerce consultancy services, our main priority is to cooperate with you to take steps to follow your business goals and transform them into successful e-commerce outcomes through effective e-commerce strategy planning.

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E-commerce Strategy Consulting

We understand the vitality of integrating your industry knowledge with our digital expertise, which brings out the best of success. This relationship serves as the foundation for the creation of successful e-commerce strategies.

E-commerce KPI & Reporting

Reaching success in e-commerce requires a wealth of experience with a profound understanding of all digital channels. We are ready to share our expertise to support your business's long-term success, providing you with the insights and guidance you need to unlock the potential of your business.

E-commerce Revenue Management

Our team of e-commerce experts works with you to deliver insights, plans, and strategies that strengthen your revenue management strategies. Our collective experience and expertise will serve as your compass, guiding you to exceptional success and exponential growth!


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E-commerce Consultancy to Propel Your Brand Forward

We aim to bring a new approach to e-commerce consultancy every step of the way, combining your deep industry knowledge with our digital expertise. Come along on this success-oriented path with Byte by your side where we take your goals and transform them into new sparks for your e-commerce journey!



Clients Say

About Us

By establishing a strategic partnership with Byte, we successfully migrated Cengiz Aktürk's e-commerce infrastructure to the Shopify platform in 2022. Our e-commerce website was designed to meet the needs of both our retail stores and online customers. Throughout every stage of the project, the Byte team has been actively supportive, particularly in maintenance and technical support. We have consistently received reliable consultancy and support regarding Shopify's solutions. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, our company has gained significant added value, and the professional approach of the Byte team has exceeded our expectations. We express deep gratitude for this successful partnership and hope to continue achieving the same success in our future projects.

Cengiz Akturk


In collaboration with Byte, we successfully launched Godiva Europe's e-commerce website on Shopify Plus in 2023. We also included our UK, UAE and Türkiye websites in the platform renewal process. Byte team continues to support us with maintenance and technical support. Additionally, Byte has become an address we can consult on all matters related to Shopify. We thank them for this valuable cooperation.

Mina Yılmaz

Godiva E-commerce Lead

I would like to say that I am excited about the launch of your new website. During our collaboration with Byte, we were very pleased with the outstanding efforts and professionalism you showed in the fields of digital marketing and web development. Working with the Byte team was an important step in strengthening Kalif Design's digital presence. Your innovative approaches and seamless communication in our projects gave us confidence at every stage of our cooperation. This path we walked with you has significantly increased the success of our brand in the digital world. Byte's combination of creativity, passion and technical skill has been one of the most valuable aspects of our collaboration. I thank you for the dedication and quality you show as a team, and I look forward to working together on future projects.

Mehmet Hacıosmanoğlu


We felt Byte's professional and sincere approach in all our work from the beginning of our cooperation. They offered appropriate solutions to our business needs in a boutique and niche area with their expert and experienced teams. The fact that communication channels were always open and accessible enabled the work to progress quickly and efficiently. We were happy to quickly see the positive effects in SEO and digital marketing efforts. Working with Byte is a very positive experience for us and we are sure that we will be pleased to collaborate with them on new projects in the future.

Burcu Okut Şahbudak


With extensive and customized e-commerce consultancy services offered by Byte, you can take a revolutionary step and discover that e-commerce is both a challenging path and carries potential for exponential growth! With a deep comprehension of all digital platforms and a dedication to creating space for long-term growth, we bring our experience and expertise to you. Be prepared to unleash the full potential of your e-commerce business!

Guidance Towards E-commerce Growth and Success

At Byte, we plan our e-commerce consultancy journeys with the understanding that e-commerce success requires a balanced combination of industry knowledge and digital expertise. By combining your in-depth industry knowledge and experience with our digital and e-commerce strategy expertise, we intend to lead you towards unmatched e-commerce success. We begin an e-commerce journey together to create success, using your knowledge as the foundation of strategic e-commerce planning. Our goal on the road to e-commerce success is clear: to guide you through the realization of your business’s full potential and utilizing it, from optimizing user experiences and creating effective marketing strategies.

As Byte, hopeful to be the contributor to your e-commerce success, we present a special offer to you: the combination of digital and industrial experience. Collaborating with you on this journey, our team of e-commerce professionals will help you enhance your digital presence through detailed and strategic planning, and insight into whatever you might need to know during the process. Whether you’re an experienced component of the e-commerce space or are just starting, our collective expertise will open the doors to remarkable growth and everlasting success!

Customized E-commerce Consultancy Services for Your Business

We shape our customized e-commerce consulting services to the specific requirements of your industry and business, creating an effective e-commerce growth strategy that takes its energy from the core of your business! On your e-commerce growth journey, we wish to be more than just a consultant for you, we wish to be your experienced partners who offer you expertise to bring unmatched growth for your e-commerce business. Our team of e-commerce specialists explores the unique requirements of your industry and business to find a place for growth, innovative strategies, and effective planning. Through these implementations, we offer you a comprehensive e-commerce strategy to improve your business operations. With Byte by your side, you can step into the realm of extraordinary e-commerce success!

E-commerce Business Growth

Through our e-commerce consultancy services, you can have a revolutionary e-commerce success experience. Our cooperative approach to e-commerce success builds a base for growth that not only brings success but also sustainable growth for your business. By utilizing your industry experience and knowledge combined with our digital expertise and experiences, we create the most effective e-commerce strategy customized to your business needs. Byte is your strategic partner in your e-commerce growth journey, whether you opt for improved user experience, new marketing strategies, or overall growth for your e-commerce business. Partner with us on the strategic e-commerce growth path, and watch your business prosper in e-commerce with innovative thinking, effective strategies, and new explorations!

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