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Using AI for SEO

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Byte BlogJuly 2, 2024

Understanding how AI's capabilities are among the important topics in AI and SEO. The article will analyze them to fuel your curiosity and expand knowledge.

The question of whether artificial intelligence will take away our jobs or not has crossed everyone's mind since the development of AI. Especially in the field of SEO, artificial intelligence technologies offer important innovations and conveniences, causing this question to be asked more often. Therefore, understanding how AI's capabilities are among the most important topics in the intersection of AI and SEO. The article will delve into these issues to fuel your curiosity and expand your knowledge.

What is SEO and Artificial Intelligence?

If you are a merchant, you must have heard the concepts of SEO and AI. It is important to revisit the precise definitions of these concepts. Accordingly, SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a variety of strategic efforts to ensure that websites rank higher in search engines. These strategies involve the use of keywords, the creation of high-quality content, optimization of site speed, and the development of backlinks.

Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, refers to a technology that aims to imbue computer systems with cognitive and learning capabilities similar to those of human beings. AI facilitates the automation of complex tasks and provides more efficient solutions through methods such as the analysis of large datasets, machine learning, and natural language processing.

What are the Pros of Using AI in SEO?

As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, there are of course pros and cons of using AI in SEO. Let's take a look at the advantages of using artificial intelligence in SEO.

  1. Monitoring Trends with AI

AI identifies trends using web browser’ search data. Users can also use this data to adjust their SEO strategies. 

  1. AI Can Do Keyword Research

Since AI has the potential to track search histories, it can find keywords based on selected topics. For example, you can increase your site's digital visibility by using AI-provided keywords in various places.

  1. Can Speed Up the Research Process

AI can speed up the research process for a blog post and provide a summary of the topic to be written. This helps you to create plans and insights more easily.

  1. AI Can Create Content Outline 

Creating an outline is perhaps one of the most challenging areas of article writing, but a good outline is essential for the coherence and integrity of an article. With AI, you can create structured outlines for your content and write more effective articles.

  1. AI Can Optimize Content

AI can improve the content of elements such as meta titles and meta descriptions, especially blog posts. Thus, your site can be seen more by Google.

  1. Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

AI tracks key performance indicators such as page views, clicks and time on page. You can use the data to adjust your advertising and content plans.

  1. AI Can Find Topics

 AI focuses on your target audience and generates topics. AI can help you write interesting and needed blog posts and increase the readership of blogs. 

What are the Potential Cons of AI for SEO?

The cons of using AI in SEO, whose pros are listed in the section above, are as follows:

  1. Lack of Human Judgment and Experience

AI does not have human judgment when creating content. It can pose risks as SEO is fundamentally about delivering valuable content that is relevant to humans. 

  1. The Information Provided May Be Inaccurate

The information AI provides may be inaccurate and sometimes not relevant to the content. Because of this, Google's accuracy article for blogs may be neglected and the posts may not be featured by Google. For example, AI also provides information about the hijab collection for menswear. You should be careful about that.

  1. May Give Repetition Error

AI repeats keywords and phrases. This both reduces the quality of the content and prevents it from being read. It also creates a technical repetition problem for your site.

  1.  Concerns about Content Quality and Authenticity

AI tends to create content based on certain word and sentence patterns. Therefore, the quality and authenticity of the articles written by AI is questionable. It can also negatively affect the visibility of the articles by Google.

  1. May Give Over Optimization Error

The other problem with AI is that it over-optimizes. For example, keyword stuffing may only stuff keywords without considering legibility and readability. This again negatively affects the quality of the blog.

 AI is an Add-on, Not a Replacement for Human Power

Google, which has an important authority in the SEO field, emphasizes the importance of experience, expertise, authority and trust in the E-E-A-T and Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Although the use of AI in SEO has a facilitating and accelerating effect, remember that no content that has not been reviewed by an SEO expert should be used!